5 DEGREE JUUL COMPATIBLE Premium Eliquid PODS 1ml capacity - 4 PACK - Lychee

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5 Degree premium e-liquid Juul compatible Pods. 

Flavour:  Lychee
Volume: 1 ml

Ingredients:  Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Natural and Artificial Flvaours

Available Flavours: 

    * Pineapple Crush - Pineapple crush is bursting with flavor. Enjoy this tropical pod today.
    * Strawberry - Ripe Strawberries
    * Mango - Juicy Mangoes
    * Icy Grape - Delicious grapes with a hint of menthol
    * Cool Mint - A cool spearmint
    * Lychee - Explosive flavor of Lychee
    * Pink Lemonade - Sweet and sour lemonade
    * Green Apple - Sour green apple
    * Fruit Cocktail - A divine mix of multiple fruits to complement your taste buds
    * Peach - A mouthful of sweet flavour with a light sour undertone

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